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Anything is Possible

Anything is Possible

When asked to write (err, given the opportunity to write) a blog about “anything” I decided to grab the bull by the horns and hop into it without thinking. And this is where I am at right now. So the only question I can seemingly ask myself is “what IS anything?”

Obviously, “anything” has to be SOMETHING. But if IT is “something”, then it can’t be just “anything”. So, for it to be “anything”, it cannot be “something”. Which means it HAS to be “nothing”. “Anything” is a very ambiguous term. Assigning a number, name or otherwise to “anything” and it morphs into a “something”. So to write about “anything”, this infinite identity, you really, have to write about absolutely nothing.

We can talk about what to write about. We can throw ideas around like Blake Griffin’s dunk on poor Kendrick Perkins or if Duran Duran could have succeeded/thrived in today’s music industry. We could talk about politics and President Obama or if Twitter is making our youth stronger or weaker writers. But, we cannot dive into these topics. At that point, the idea of “anything” is lost.

When you put the term “any” in front of another, its possibilities are endless. This endlessness makes you feel warm. This endlessness is optimistic and opportunistic. You can be “anything” when you grow up. You can be “anyone” and date “anyone” and go “anywhere”.

However, this isn’t necessarily true. You cannot be the President if you were born outside the U.S. You cannot be “anyone” else. You are stuck with yourself. You can’t date “anyone” because that means “everyone” would have to want to date you. No matter how highly you think of yourself, it’s not happening. You cannot go to Mars, you couldn’t go to the moon if you died before 1969 and you won’t go the worst parts of Mexico.

You cannot write an article or blog on “anything”. However, even if it is idealist or naive, you should always believe that anything is possible!

This article was written by Daniel Budzyn. Daniel is a philosopher and a hooper. He specializes in the pivot moves, and is also an excellent Euro-stepper. He is a legend at pulaski park, in his home town, and is a huge believer that Anything is Possible.

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  1. JB3 says:

    Solid first attempt. I like it. It consists of anything one could expect for such a subject. Keep it up, Danny Blue!


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